What came first, our love for sports or bags?

Our inspiration has been extracted from the basketball court, derived by our love for craftsmanship, sports and community. We believe our bags manifest joy, happiness, coupled with quality and timelessness. This allows our consumers to relish in our community, bringing you real life trophies because, really, we’re in a league of our own.

Our purpose.

Reinforcing confidence and energy through sophisticated accessories, bringing joy and value into consumers lives. Quality, ethical manufacturing, craftsmanship, UK made, London made, British sensibility.

Our Past, Present and Future.

Alexandra Klimek is a British luxury accessories brand conveying a sense of community, confidence, and playfulness, expressed through innovative pattern cutting, craftsmanship and love for colour.

The luxury bags are handmade in a London based studio and produced in limited quantities. They are designed consciously using high quality materials and embody modern craftsmanship values to ensure the timelessness of the products. It is of high importance that our accessories are made with a low impact on our planet.

 The brand was launched by herself, Alexandra Klimek in 2021, after graduating from London College of Fashion and having endured a successful career as an accessories designer in the fashion industry, working with brands such as Alexander McQueen, Anya Hindmarch and Mulberry. In addition, Alexandra is a lecturer at London College of Fashion as an accessories designer and product innovator, inspiring future designers. With an array of experience and knowledge, this has given Alexandra the confidence to start her own independent luxury brand.

 Inspired by sports and love for craftsmanship, each design has been intricately crafted and extracted from the silhouettes of basketball and tennis courts. Her attraction to vibrant and bold colours originated from the city she grew up in, in Poland. Being surround by streets detailed with graffiti and street art, it is evident that this has been a clear focal point for the brand, demonstrated by the distinguishing colour combinations which have been translated into each product. 

The luxury bags encourage energy and confidence; Alexandra Klimek believes this to be a successful way to inspire and bring positivity to our community through timeless wearable art.

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