All Alexandra Klimek products are handcrafted in London from premium Italian leathers. The handle beads and hardware were carefully crafted in Italy and the handles were assembled in London.

Don’t overfill your bag as it may lose its shape or become damaged. When your Alexandra Klimek product is not in use, make sure you tuck it away in the specially provided dust bag. Keep your bag on an even surface, in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures or extremes of humidity. 

Any loose dirt can be removed from the surface of the bag by using a dump cloth and then drying immediately with a dry cloth – we recommend using cotton cloths for this purpose. We don’t recommend using coloured conditioner cream.

The interiors of Alexandra Klimek bags are lined with soft suedes. To remove loose dirt or small stains, we recommend using a suede brush. Be mindful of not overusing the brush as this could cause permanent damage. 

If you get caught in the rain when using one of Alexandra Klimek’s products, make sure to remove any excess water with a dry cloth as soon as possible afterwards and let the product dry naturally. Don’t wash the bags. Never use artificial heat sources to dry your bags. Exposure to liquids may cause damage to any leather products. 

To maintain the pristine condition of the silver-coloured hardware and colourful handle beads, make sure you are handling the bag and its components with care.

Alexandra Klimek products are manufactured with the highest attention to detail and from premium materials, carefully selected for each design. Occasionally, as we use natural materials, a material used for creating products may feature some irregularity and may present different variations.  Slight imperfections and surface markings are natural and intended as an integral part of the design. 

Our white and light-coloured products tend to mark more easily. Handle your products with care and be mindful of the colour transfer from dark pieces of clothing. For further information regarding cleaning and care, please email our leather specialist at   

Please email with any specific questions regarding your products.



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